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Meet Kara

Wedding Photographer

The stage of life I am currently in overwhelms me with so much joy. My husband and I are both teachers... Well I was... until I got to call this precious little girl mine. As many babies do, she changed my world drastically.

I now am full time Wedding Photography. Nothing is more addicting than to chase after a dream of yours and then finally gain the confidence enough to say 'I am ready to fully take control and I am trusting that God will provide at the right time.' 

Why Photography?

You know that feeling when you are involved in something that just seems to fit your personality entirely? For some reason it just brings you as much joy as it does the other person? Yup. Exactly how I feel.

I think my favorite part is loving you on that big day. You deserve to be taken care of more than just taking pictures. I love that I am probably the only person who gets to be with you the ENTIRE day. 

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